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Scripture Memory Fellowship has several different programs and options in place by which we encourage Christians to memorize the Bible and help them to achieve their memorization goals.

The Plan

Our primary program is The Plan. Anyone can memorize Scripture, but few put it into practice because they do not know where to start. This is where SMF can help anyone to learn how to memorize Scripture, whether from a program or on their own. Dr. N.A. Woychuk has written over 50 memory books for all ages, so wherever you are, you can begin to memorize God's Word today!

We do offer all of our memory books as separate products; however, the most popular way to memorize is by taking advantage of our incentive packages. As memorizers reach certain milestones in their memory books, they receive rewards for their success. Each package includes one memory book, two progress rewards to be given as the memorizer progresses through their book, and one completion reward to be given when the whole memory book is memorized.

This lets memorizers not only memorize God's Word, but be rewarded for their efforts with excellent Christian literature and resources. The best part about our incentive packages, though, is their affordability: incentive packages are all only $9.00, no matter which book you choose!

Also, memorizing your book make you eligible to attend SMF Camp (read more about camp further down the page).

Books & Resources

SMF also offers many books and other Christian resources to help Christians to grow in their walk. Several of our rewards and many other books and games are available for separate purchase so you can add to your Bible study helps and Christian library.

The Memorizer

SMF also publishes the Memorizer on a semi-annual basis. The Fall/Winter Memorizer gives an updated catalog for our new books and rewards, and the Spring/Summer Memorizer gives several testimonies and articles about our ministries' impact in peoples' lives, as well as information about upcoming camp and special deals or new books.

SMF Camp

SMF holds camp yearly for those who have enrolled in our program by purchasing memory books or incentive plans. All ages are welcome for a great week of fun and fellowship in a great atmosphere filled with God's Word. For more information, check out the camp section of the website or call our office at (888) 569-2560.


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